Free 6-bank charger when you buy 6 RCA RDR2500 radios


For a limited time get a free 6-bank charger when you buy 6 digital RCA RDR RDR2500 radios. This is a savings of $350! 

Benefits of a 6-bank charger
  • Saves space
  • Only uses 1 power outlet
  • Easy check in and check out of radios
  • Rapid charging technology
  • Charges radios or batteries
How to Order
Promo code: FREE6
Call 877-978-4574. We’re standing by to answer any questions you have.



Free Speaker Mic with Radio Purchase Promo Code

discount two-way radio sale

FREE Speaker Mic with Every BR200 Radio Purchase ($42 savings)

Get a free speaker mic (SM220-X03) with the purchase of an RCA BR200 radio. This is a 1-for-1 sale. Get 1 free speaker mic with every 1 BR200 radio purchase. Sale ends 10/31/16.
Total price for BR200 + Speaker Mic = $189 (A savings of $42!)
Every BR200 Radio comes with:
– Battery
– Charger
– Belt Clip
– Antenna
– Programming
– 3-year warranty
– 100% compatibility with your existing radios
How to order
 Buy online, call 877-978-4574 to order, or request a quote.
Use promo code: SPOOKY

Got an Old Two-Way Radio? Trade it in for CASH with our Cash 4 Clunkers Program

Let’s say you’re a school administrator who wants to update the two-radio system at their school but doesn’t have the funds in the budget to spend on it. What happens? It gets put on the back burner and forgotten.

The same thing goes for factory settings or law enforcement situations: if you can ‘make do’ with what you already have, you don’t spend the money. Updating the radio system, even though your equipment is obsolete and you badly need to get new gear, sometimes ends up lower on the priority list than it should be. That, my friends, is a mistake, because fast, clear communication is a vital part of any operation.

However, there is great news for government, business or public safety departments looking to finally trade up their ‘clunkers’ for radios they don’t have to bang on a desk or scream into to be heard.

Get money for your used two-way radios

Discount Two-Way Radio proudly offers the only two-way radio Cash 4 Clunkers program in America!

We’ve partnered with RCA to help businesses trade up and improve their equipment. Just as the name suggests, by trading in your used radios and chargers, you can earn credit toward the purchase of a new radio system for your work place and staff.

As long as the radios were purchased within the last 10 years and your base of operations is located in the US or Canada, they are eligible and will be accepted in nearly any condition. Radios must include antenna, belt clip, charger and battery, and a few other conditions apply.

You will receive a credit amount based on the condition of the traded-in radios that can be applied to new radios that meet and exceed 2013 mandatory narrowbanding guidelines. Your staff will be able to rely on their devices and communicate with confidence, while you minimize out-of-pocket costs. It’s a win-win!

Here is all you have to do to get the process started:

  1. Go to the Cash 4 Clunkers page on Discount Two-Way
  2. Fill out the two-way radio trade-in form with your information to find out what your trade-in value is. Credit value depends on the model and condition of your radios and chargers.
  3. Print out a copy of the form, sign it and fax it to 877-291-9565 to have that credit applied to your purchase of new radio equipment.
  4. Recycle your old radios by sending them to: Discount Two-Way Radio Cash 4 Clunkers, 1430 240th St., Harbor City, CA 90710

(Please visit the two-way radio trade-in page for more details, terms and conditions)

This program was started to help make sure that regardless of budget cutting and belt tightening measures, businesses and public safety personnel would have ready access to the radio communication systems that work for them. The Cash 4 Clunkers program so far has been doing just that.

If you are using old two-way radios, there is no reason to put off trade-ins any longer — swap your old clunkers for state of the art equipment today!