Winter Travel: 7 Steps to Lighten Your Load



Travelling during the winter can be such a headache! Not only does it mean that weather delays could increase your actual travel time, but before you ever hit the road, you must battle with packing your bulky clothes, puffy jackets and any other cold-weather accessories. You’ll be stomping, stuffing and sitting on your bags just to get them closed.

So this season, we thought we’d give you seven great ideas for no-stress winter packing. Even better, you might be able to fit everything into just one carry-on bag, eliminating bag checking fees and doing away with the possibility of the airlines losing your luggage.


Dress In Layers. Wearing multiple layers of clothing is a great way to rid yourself of the need for bulky, expensive, coats and sweaters. Furthermore, having layers of clothing will help to retain body heat, plus it is more versatile when you move between being indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor enthusiasts recommend wearing polyester, wool, or silk as a good first layer because it traps in heat and does not retain moisture like cotton. On top of that, you should wear something made of fleece or wool, and topping it all off with some sort of waterproof, wind-resistant jacket. You will enjoy the versatility and manageability that layering provides by being able to control the amount of heat you retain.


Try packing clothes that are multi-functional. Any outer coats you have should be of a neutral color so that they can be worn with other items you have packed. If you have fancy or bright colored items, you should wear them as your first layer because they are probably more lightweight and take up less room in your suitcase. Scarves are handy items that can dress up an outfit, warm your hands or even act as a small blanket on a long plane ride.


Pack you bags with tactical precision. Rolling your clothes together, smaller items inside the bulkier items, helps them not to get completely wrinkled. Taking thinner items that you can layer gives you more space in your bag, and gives you far more options to wear than just having a couple of bulky sweaters.

Don’t forget to stuff your wool or polyester socks inside the space in your packed shoes. Rolled up items like socks, gloves and hats will fit in this space quite perfectly and these are essential items to have, because they help keep your body heat from escaping whenever you go out in the cold.


Shrink your bulk with space-saving bags. By getting a set of these reusable, vacuum sealing plastic bags, you can easily pack more into one small carry-on. If you have items where wrinkling is not an issue then space-saving bags are ideal for reducing your bulky items and the durable plastic helps protect your items against liquids, dust and dirt.


Travel with your heaviest, bulkiest items on you. It might be warm wherever you are coming from, but where you are going it might be cold, so wear your jacket and boots onboard so you can free up room in your suitcase. Plus the extra pockets in you coat can hold things such as mittens, a scarf and a hat.


Be sure that your carry-on bag is not over the weight limit. If after packing you are not sure if your only carry-on bag is too heavy, throw it on your bathroom scale to get an accurate number. After all, if you’re using these packing tips to simplify your travel experience, I’m sure you would hate to have to check your bag once you get it to the plane because a flight attendant deems it “Too heavy.”


Any holiday gifts or skis or snowboarding equipment should go solo. Instead of lugging these types of items around an airport, train station or bus station try shipping them through UPS, FedEx, USPS or other carriers. With the added cost and headache you get from dragging these kinds of things around with you, paying for shipping the items is well worth it so you can traveling with comfort and ease. Just make sure you send the items early enough to get to your destination when you do. Or, you skiers might even consider just renting equipment at your destination. No hassle, and you get to try out the newest equipment every season.


We hope these tips will help you as you travel this holiday season, and that you do not have to stress thinking about what you will wear or what is in your bags. Rather, that you enjoy the magnificent experiences that happen all around you as you travel. Have a safe trip and Happy Holidays from all of us at Discount Two-Way Radio.