Living in the Digital World

Broken MixtapeWe all loved getting our first cassette mixtape as a preteen, putting it into the player and hitting the play button. The sounds that your friend, girlfriend or boyfriend put on that thin piece of tape represented small pieces of their soul that they wanted to share with you for all of eternity. You listened to that tape over and over until the audio quality had completely deteriorated and the tape had become twisted and tangled beyond repair. Do you remember all the time you wasted fast forwarding, rewinding and flipping the tape over just trying to find that one song on the tape you really loved? This was the best recording technology at the time so we all suffered through the issues of poor quality and user inefficiency.


As the wheels of progress keep moving forward, new digital technology is replacing much of our outdated analog technology. VHS tapes replaced by DVDs, paper data storage replaced by digital data storage, film photography replaced by digital photography, analog TV replaced by digital TV, and the list goes on and on. Since switching to digital, all of these forms of media and broadcasting have become more effective because the information they provide is more easily accessible. Digital technology has proven to make quick, efficient changes in our lives and especially makes us more productive at work.


It is fair then to say that in the industry of wireless communication, digital technology is slowly creeping into the realm of two-way radios which has been dominated by analog radio technology for quite some time. Digital two-way radios are proving that they offer users a clearer voice transmission, more efficient use of power from a single battery charge, increased channel capacity, and advanced emergency and safety functionality.


Though it is not happening tomorrow, you can be sure that all two-way radios will switch over to digital technology in the near future. Some radio companies even have models that work in both analog and digital to make the switch more convenient, and businesses will not have to deal with any downtime when they finally make the complete switch to digital.


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