Product announcement – New digital radios from RCA


The newest addition to the RCA PRODIGI™
Line of DMR Digital Radios


Compact, versatile and cost-effective, the RCA RDR2320 radio is completely compatible with any other DMR Digital radio on the market. It operates in both digital and analog modes, delivering clear and loud communication and it can be used in a wide range of applications. Industries such as K12 Education, CollegesĀ and Universities, Manufacturing, Security, Hotels and more. When safety and reliability is critical, the RDR2320 radio is the best choice for your communication needs.

The RDR2300 Series features:

– 5 Watt UHF/VHF DMR TII Digital Radio
– 2-Tone, 5-Tone, DTMF Encode/Decode and MDC1200
– 1 Watt Speaker
– Two-Prong Accessory Connector (Motorola compatible)
– IP65 Rating (Water resistant/dust proof)
– Keypad and Display (RDR2380 model)
– 3-Year Warranty