RCA Announces New Distributor Opportunities

Los Angeles, CA – RCA Communications Systems, a major supplier of DMR radio communication
equipment; is now accepting new distributor partners. With the new market changes, RCA is opening new distribution channels. RCA Communication Systems heritage of radio communication equipment dates back more than 100 years and continues to supply professional commercial grade radios.


RCA plans to expand its distribution channel in North and South America by opening creating opportunities for new distributors to sell its line of DMR Radios, Mobiles, and accessories. We currently partner with Discount Two-Way Radio (DTWR) to provide logistic, distribution, and complete services including repairs. DTWR remains an important partner with RCA in ensure quick order fulfillment and services that is in representative of our company’s philosophy.


“We are committed to supporting and providing RCA distributors with the best service in the industry”, Ken Klyberg; COO of DTWR. For additional distributorship information, please visit our website at www.rcaradiocommunicationsystems.com. A complete product line of portable and mobile radios is available and DTWR will fill most orders same day.