Why Choose Digital DMR Two-Way Radios instead of Analog?



Improved Audio Clarity

The DMR Digital technology provides improved noise reduction and protects voice quality over a longer distance than analog, especially noticeable towards the end of the transmission range, where analog radios will have a lot of static and background noise. The digital processing of the signal allows the receiving radio to screen out the background noise and reconstruct the signal even when it is very weak. This keeps the transmission clear and increases the effective range of the digital radios over analog radios where the signal clarity and strength drops off dramatically at the end of the coverage zone.


Better Battery Life and Power Usage

Getting through a full 10-12 hour work shift on a single battery charge has always been a challenge for the analog handheld two-way radios. The DMR technology uses the transmitter of the radio only half of the time compared to a narrowband analog radio, which reduces the drain on the radio’s battery almost by half. This increases the actual talk time of a single battery charge by up to 40 percent. Overall battery consumption per call is reduced, and longer usage time in the field will be noticed between recharges.


DMR digital radios double the capacity over existing analog equipment

A Regular analog two-way radio system uses an entire 12.5KHz narrowband channel to provide a single talk path for communication. However, the benefit of using a DMR digital radio system is that it supports two simultaneous and independent calls over the same narrowband 12.5kHz channel. This results in doubling the channel capacity of the radio system which allows businesses to split departments and users into different completely independent and private talk groups.


Do I need to switch all my analog radios to digital?

Digital radios work in either analog or digital mode.This digital technology allows you to migrate your analog radios to digital one radio at a time, one channel at a time or switch out the whole system at one time.


A Final Word On DMR

DMR technology offers Professional Two-Way Radio users the possibility to upgrade their analog equipment to digital at their own pace and improve the coverage, system capacity and audio clarity of the transmissions. The DMR standard provides a versatile platform and wide range of two-way radio equipment that can be used in virtually any business environment.

Two-Way Radio Solutions for the Construction Industry

Having a durable, reliable two-way radio will increase the safety and productivity of your jobsite. But even more, having a professional, industry leading supplier for your two-way radios will save you lots of time and headaches in the future.

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Take Your Signal With You

hand-radio-signalIt’s your first day on a new jobsite. All the job assignments have been handed out and you’ve given all your work crews two-way radios so they can stay in close contact. You know that a good working two-way radio system is the key to organizing and running a successful jobsite.

But what happens a few weeks or months into the project when concrete and metal structures appear or the project has multiple floors?

Your clear, trusty, two-way radio signal suddenly becomes scratchy and transmissions are broken and not discernible. Without help, your current two-way radio signal can no longer pass through the structures that have now cropped up on your work site. As your jobsite expands you require a stronger signal with even more coverage.

When this happens a two-way radio repeater will definitely do the trick. But, purchasing an expensive system, taking the time to set it up and then having to remove it when the job is done seems like too much of a headache.

Well, new research into the wide use of repeaters in the construction industry has led to the special design of more compact, portable, self-contained repeaters that are easy to use on multiple jobsites.

Portable repeater systems such as the Rapid Deployment System (RDS) PR50 Compact are now on the market. It’s description on the website claims, “It is ready to go when you need it!” This compact repeater system is completely mounted inside a Pelican-style case that is light enough to be carried around by hand. The repeater is set up in just minutes and can be packed away just as fast, which is ideal for emergency situations or for companies who need to move around to other jobsites. Everything you need, the repeater, antenna, antenna mount and cable, are fitted into this well ventilated case which can be powered by AC, DC, battery or solar power.

With up to 50 Watts of penetrating power, having a complete “Plug and Play” compact repeater system will save you time and money, and will ensure the productivity and safety of all your current and future jobsites!

The Cost of Safety for Construction Companies

construction-worker-piggy-bankAn engineering and construction firm based out of San Jose, CA is well known for saving their clients’ money and providing state of the art services.

The California Institute of Technology claims that this firm saved them 28% on energy expenses and 30% on water bills by building them a state of the art laboratory.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says that this firm has helped them reduce their energy consumption by 55%.

Lowering operating costs and providing state of the art services is exactly what this company does for its clients.

So, when the firm’s operations manager looked at what they were spending to rent Motorola radios for their subcontractors, something did not add up.

The high cost of renting their Motorola radios, combined with the fact that these radios were often damaged in the rough-and-tumble world of heavy construction, just didn’t make sense.

That’s when the operations manager decided to look around for a more economical, durable and reliable two-way radio option.

At first, he was a little skeptical of other two-way radio brands because he’d never used anything but the high-priced Motorola radios. So when he finally contacted Discount Two-Way Radio our client representative, Anthony Challenger, recommended that the firm should test a few of the other radio brands before making any final decisions.

“I sent him 3 other leading brands of radios to test, including our best selling RCA radio,” said Challenger.

First the operations manager tested the radios’ coverage and found all of them to be about the same.  Then he tested their durability and felt that the RCA brand seemed to be the toughest. What finally changed his mind was the fact that the RCA radio was offering a longer warranty than the other radios …and it was less expensive!

State-of-the-art durability, longer warranty and lowering operating costs is exactly what this firm was looking for.

The operations manager estimates that his decision to buy radios from Discount Two-Way Radio rather than rent radios from any other dealer has saved the firm thousands of dollars over the years, while still providing them with the durability and reliability they need.

Discount Two-Way Radio has been serving the construction industry since 1997 and  we know that you need a tough radio to get the job done. Give us a call today to speak to our helpful radio experts about how you can improve the safety and productivity of your job site.