7 Tips to Improve Your Two-Way Radio Battery Life

Those of us in businesses that use two-way radios as opposed to cell phones know the reasons why. There is a durability and a reliability that you just can’t get with conventional cell phones, not to mention most modern smartphones have plenty of apps that distract more than assist. In addition, those apps also drain the battery. While longer battery life is a benefit to two-way radios, even the best digital two-way radio is going to have its limitations.

As with most things, there are right and wrong ways to store and care for your radios to get the maximum use from your batteries. Here are seven different two-way radio battery saving tips to get the most use out of your radio.

Fully discharge your batteries

You’ve likely heard a similar tip for use in extending the life of smartphones as well, and the same holds true for two-way radios. The reason has to with a phenomena known as the ‘memory effect.’ Basically, if you usually charge your battery at 20%, it may begin to only hold a charge up until that point, “remembering’ that position. By fully discharging the battery before recharging, you ensure getting the best charge. Charging your battery overnight for the first time is also a good idea. (This is called initializing.)


No extreme temperatures

It goes without saying extreme temps aren’t great for technology in general. Batteries do best when charged at temps above 40 degrees and below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is the best for extending battery life.

Don’t leave radios in chargers

A radio should not be left in its charger for long periods of time. Not only does the constant charge degrade the ability of the battery to hold a charge, but it can heat up the battery which also decreases its life span. It’s also a good idea to cycle batteries out on the same radio so one is always fully charged and so you can fully discharge the first battery with confidence.

Digital is the way to go for extra battery life

While there are plenty of reasons to upgrade from analog, battery life is yet another one. Analog radios send out a continuous signal which drains the battery faster. The best digital two-way radios like RCA BR200Ds use tech known as Time Division Multiple Access which cycles the signal on and off rapidly, effectively saving about one-third to one-half of the battery of an analog.

Keep it brief

A relatively straightforward tip — use your radio less! Obviously not applicable in all situations but the more time spent on the radio will eat up more battery life. Keeping it short and sweet on a regular basis can add up, so maintain discipline and cut back on the chatter and jokes.

Use the right battery

Even with the best battery care, you will need to replace the batteries for your radios every 18 to 24 months on average. Lithium ion batteries hold the longest charge, weigh the least and produce the least amount of heat of conventional battery options. Two-Way Radio Battery

Turn off the junk you don’t need

Some sophisticated digital two-way radios have features like GPS, text and display functions and the like — and they all drain the battery. Most people don’t even need them. Disabling these functions and dialing back the screen lighting can help reduce battery usage.

When applied in concert, you can achieve many more hours of usage on your radio and improve overall battery performance.

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New Digital Two-Way Radios from RCA Communications System

RCA Communications Systems announces its newest line of radios, the PRODIGI (TM) DMR digital radios. The PRODIGI (TM) professional mobile radios are the most intelligent choice for buyers looking for a DMR digital radio option.

RCA currently offers two handheld PRODIGI (TM) models to choose from. The RDR3500 gives you the audio clarity of digital with basic push-to-talk functionality. While the RDR3600 model incorporates a display screen and DTMF keypad, and is packed with industry leading features and expandable functionality.





  • Enhanced Audio with X-Sound+ HD (TM) giving improved voice clarity and delivering a crystal clear message over a longer distance
  • 40% longer battery life than regular analog radios
  • Emergency Features: Lone Worker Alert, Radio Check, One Touch Access and Emergency Alert Override
  • Texting, Privacy Voice Encryption and Private and Group Calling
  • IP67 Certified as waterproof to withstand being submerged up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for up to 30 minutes
  • Industry leading 4 Year Warranty

When your business requires reliable digital radios without spending your entire communications budget, the fully programmable RCA PRODIGI (TM) Series of radios is the intelligent choice for your expanding communications needs.

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Two-Way Radio Solutions for the Construction Industry

Having a durable, reliable two-way radio will increase the safety and productivity of your jobsite. But even more, having a professional, industry leading supplier for your two-way radios will save you lots of time and headaches in the future.

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The Cost of Safety for Construction Companies

construction-worker-piggy-bankAn engineering and construction firm based out of San Jose, CA is well known for saving their clients’ money and providing state of the art services.

The California Institute of Technology claims that this firm saved them 28% on energy expenses and 30% on water bills by building them a state of the art laboratory.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission says that this firm has helped them reduce their energy consumption by 55%.

Lowering operating costs and providing state of the art services is exactly what this company does for its clients.

So, when the firm’s operations manager looked at what they were spending to rent Motorola radios for their subcontractors, something did not add up.

The high cost of renting their Motorola radios, combined with the fact that these radios were often damaged in the rough-and-tumble world of heavy construction, just didn’t make sense.

That’s when the operations manager decided to look around for a more economical, durable and reliable two-way radio option.

At first, he was a little skeptical of other two-way radio brands because he’d never used anything but the high-priced Motorola radios. So when he finally contacted Discount Two-Way Radio our client representative, Anthony Challenger, recommended that the firm should test a few of the other radio brands before making any final decisions.

“I sent him 3 other leading brands of radios to test, including our best selling RCA radio,” said Challenger.

First the operations manager tested the radios’ coverage and found all of them to be about the same.  Then he tested their durability and felt that the RCA brand seemed to be the toughest. What finally changed his mind was the fact that the RCA radio was offering a longer warranty than the other radios …and it was less expensive!

State-of-the-art durability, longer warranty and lowering operating costs is exactly what this firm was looking for.

The operations manager estimates that his decision to buy radios from Discount Two-Way Radio rather than rent radios from any other dealer has saved the firm thousands of dollars over the years, while still providing them with the durability and reliability they need.

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