What Is Best for Your Guests?

hotel-housekeeperSummer travel time is the busiest time for many hotels and hospitality businesses. It’s make or break time and providing a memorable, pleasurable experience for your valued guests means having reliable, instant communication between your staff members.

Four years ago, the manager at a Florida Hampton Inn gave us a call and was very upset that she didn’t have the radios she needed to get her through the busy Summer season.

She stated that she had been ordering small, one-watt, walkie-talkies that were considered to be entry-level radios. They were surprisingly expensive and they still weren’t getting the job done.

First, her radios weren’t powerful enough to cover the range of the whole property, so her staff would lose contact or “drop out” now and then. This was becoming a big problem for her because when guests were requesting assistance or services she was unable to have her staff respond in a timely manner. When her guests had to wait too long for assistance, this unintentionally created a “situation” where she had to deal with unhappy guests. In the hospitality industry, good communication and great customer service is everything.

Second, these entry-level radios kept breaking down and became useless by the end of the busy travel season. Since these radios were, for all intents and purposes, “disposable” radios, she was having to buy new radios every Spring at the cost of about $3500 per year. This is an unnecessary expense that could be completely avoided.

Third, the vendor she was ordering the radios from never checked to see if these radios were even right for the hotel before shipping them out…they just booked the order and collected the cash.

In the hospitality industry, if you treated YOUR guests that way, do you think they’d ever come back?

We asked her, “Why are you even buying these radios if they are not working for you?”

She responded with, “The radios were corporate approved…I just figured they were what we needed.”

We said, “Well, now that we’ve established that these radios are clearly NOT what you need, are you required to order from this vendor?”

She said, “No, we can buy from anyone we want.”

So we reviewed some basics with her and delivered the RCA BR250 which is a commercial-grade radio that is slightly more expensive than what she was using. It’s a 4-watt radio which is powerful enough to cover the entire property, durable enough to withstand everyday use, and yet light-weight, compact and easy to carry around. We even helped her pair her radios with the appropriate accessories for her type of industry.

And, you know what? They’re still using those same radios four years later. The employees at the Florida Hampton Inn still love their two-way radios and they’ve reported improved customer response times and an overall more efficient workplace.

Evenmore, they haven’t had to go through the hassles and headaches of replacing their radios each year which has saved them over $10,000.

In any industry great communication is everything and at Discount Two-Way Radio we’ll listen to your needs and get you the right radios…the first time…right away.

Events: Creating a Fun, Safe Environment for All

Crowd of People

The Spring/Summer travel season is right around the corner and large entertainment venues and events will soon be flooded with happy vacationers and “road-trippers” looking for memorable travel experiences.

Venues such as amusement and water parks, convention centers, sports stadiums, national parks, zoos, concert venues and museums will be preparing for all sorts of large scale events. In order for your event to function properly the management and staff must be able to communicate effectively to deal with unexpected emergencies or incidents and to maximize efficiency on the busiest of days.

A reliable two-way radio system is imperative for an organizations success when working in large areas with big crowds and lots of noise. Different types of venues will require different types of equipment, but overall, here is some useful information to help you provide a fun, safe environment for your attendees.

Most venues are very large and contain lots of obstructions such as concrete and metal walls, machinery, trees, staircases, HVAC rooms, office buildings and large crowds of people. This creates problems when your radio signal is trying to penetrate as you are transmitting or receiving a message. That is why it is best to go with a commercial 4 or 5 watt radio. The more power (watts) you put out guarantees the signal will be stronger, clearer, travel farther and penetrate more of the types of obstructions mentioned above. Maybe you have seen many of the “consumer” type of radios, you know, the ones that are small and come two in a pack for under $100? These are consumer type radios that are not durable enough to be used in business environment and will not work well for large venues and events because they are usually less than 2 watts of power, and because they do not have “private channels” you can expect lots of transmission interference. These “consumer” radios will always be unreliable and not provide you with the level of performance you need for your event. So choosing a fully commercial 4 or 5 watt radio will clearly help your staff provide the best possible experience for your event’s attendees.

Another key factor to using any two-way radio at a large venue or event is the type of frequency you are using. It is well known that VHF (Very High Frequency) is capable of traveling long distances, but the inability of the frequency to penetrate through objects makes it more suited for flat, open areas with no obstructions. Therefore, it is much better to choose radios using UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for large events with many obstacles to penetrate because of UHF’s ability to go through obstructions.

The success of your venue or event depends on how smoothly management and staff are able to communicate when handling daily operations and especially during any issues or emergency situations that may arise. With the amount of vacationers soon to be flooding your venue this season, having a powerful, professional radio will guarantee a safe and fun environment at all your events.