Simple Tips to Improve Poor Two-Way Radio Coverage


Have you noticed your radio coverage area is not what it used to be and you’re getting static transmissions and “dead spots”?

Here’s a few things you can try that might help improve your radio’s effective range:

Batteries – One of the easiest ways to make sure your radio transmits as far as possible at all times is to use fresh batteries and to make sure that your batteries are fully charged. After about 1.5 to 2 years of normal usage you may start to see some degradation in your battery’s ability to take and hold a charge. This is a natural and expected occurrence in all rechargeable two-way radio batteries. If you start to notice that your two-way radio signals are not reaching as far as they used to, it may be time to get new batteries. Just give us a call for the best prices on fresh, new batteries.

Antennas – Is your antenna cracked, bent or broken so much that the metal coiled antenna piece is completely exposed? Is your antenna screwed on well to the antenna connector of the radio? Damaged or improperly attached antennas can reduce your coverage dramatically. Replacing these old, damaged antennas is a very simple, cost-effective solution that will help improve your radio’s communication range.

Old, Tired Radios – How old are your radios? Are they older than 5-6 years? Have they been serviced recently or at all? We all know that business environments can sometimes be very rough on their equipment. Radios get dropped or bumped into things regularly, which over time may cause some internal components to go bad. To ensure maximum performance, just like your car needs regular maintenance, oil and filter change, your two-way radios need to undergo minor maintenance and tuning, especially after they’ve been in service for a while.

Your Location – If at the moment of the transmission you are inside a building or even just a room with really thick concrete and steel walls you will most likely see a reduction in the strength of your transmissions. The metal of a car or a building can block the signal from getting out to the person you are contacting. This is especially present when you are in the “bowels” of a building such as a HVAC area or parking structure. If this is a location where you need coverage just temporarily, the simplest solution will be to just step outside or get near a wall opening or a window. Additionally, the higher you can go with your handheld when transmitting, the farther your signal will travel. So, if you’re needing to transmit to someone that is outdoors and maybe a bit out of range, get to the top of an exterior staircase or the roof of the building. Transmitting from the highest point of a natural or manmade structure can noticeably increase the range of your handheld radio. If this is a location where you need coverage at all times you will need additional equipment such as a repeater to boost your signal strength and help go around the thick walls.

If you’d like to know more two-way radio tips or if you are having a specific problem with your current two-way radios, just call our knowledgeable radio experts right now at 844-438-3897. No question is too small and no problem is too big. We’re always standing by to help you!

What Is Best for Your Guests?

hotel-housekeeperSummer travel time is the busiest time for many hotels and hospitality businesses. It’s make or break time and providing a memorable, pleasurable experience for your valued guests means having reliable, instant communication between your staff members.

Four years ago, the manager at a Florida Hampton Inn gave us a call and was very upset that she didn’t have the radios she needed to get her through the busy Summer season.

She stated that she had been ordering small, one-watt, walkie-talkies that were considered to be entry-level radios. They were surprisingly expensive and they still weren’t getting the job done.

First, her radios weren’t powerful enough to cover the range of the whole property, so her staff would lose contact or “drop out” now and then. This was becoming a big problem for her because when guests were requesting assistance or services she was unable to have her staff respond in a timely manner. When her guests had to wait too long for assistance, this unintentionally created a “situation” where she had to deal with unhappy guests. In the hospitality industry, good communication and great customer service is everything.

Second, these entry-level radios kept breaking down and became useless by the end of the busy travel season. Since these radios were, for all intents and purposes, “disposable” radios, she was having to buy new radios every Spring at the cost of about $3500 per year. This is an unnecessary expense that could be completely avoided.

Third, the vendor she was ordering the radios from never checked to see if these radios were even right for the hotel before shipping them out…they just booked the order and collected the cash.

In the hospitality industry, if you treated YOUR guests that way, do you think they’d ever come back?

We asked her, “Why are you even buying these radios if they are not working for you?”

She responded with, “The radios were corporate approved…I just figured they were what we needed.”

We said, “Well, now that we’ve established that these radios are clearly NOT what you need, are you required to order from this vendor?”

She said, “No, we can buy from anyone we want.”

So we reviewed some basics with her and delivered the RCA BR250 which is a commercial-grade radio that is slightly more expensive than what she was using. It’s a 4-watt radio which is powerful enough to cover the entire property, durable enough to withstand everyday use, and yet light-weight, compact and easy to carry around. We even helped her pair her radios with the appropriate accessories for her type of industry.

And, you know what? They’re still using those same radios four years later. The employees at the Florida Hampton Inn still love their two-way radios and they’ve reported improved customer response times and an overall more efficient workplace.

Evenmore, they haven’t had to go through the hassles and headaches of replacing their radios each year which has saved them over $10,000.

In any industry great communication is everything and at Discount Two-Way Radio we’ll listen to your needs and get you the right radios…the first time…right away.