Did You Know…

…there are 5 criteria to consider before buying two-way radios for your school?

School Administrator Contemplating1. Radio Power – One of the main factors that directly affect the radios performance, coverage and price. In almost all cases, Junior to High Schools will need at least 4 watts of power radios to ensure consistent coverage throughout the school. An elementary school on the other side will only need 2 watts of power radios which can results in about $60 savings per radio.

2. Durability and Reliability – Avoid purchasing radios made entirely out of plastic material, especially the ones that can be picked up in pairs from any retail store. These are radios for recreational purposes and will not survive the day to day use in the demanding business environments. They are cheaper one time purchase but you will end up buying new radios every year which will cost more in the long run.

3. Radio Frequencies – Always purchase radios that work on UHF frequencies 450-470MHz. These radios are able to penetrate through structures much better comparing to their VHF versions and will provide you with better coverage.

4. Warranty – The more the better. Nowadays, a good quality business two-way radio will have at least 2 years warranty. Don’t get stuck with equipment and brands that provide less than that. You will most certainly get stuck with the repair bill too as soon the 1 year warranty expires.

5. Price – The Price is always important but the cheapest radio is not necessarily the best option. Choosing radio equipment only by it’s price point in the market may end up costing you more in the long run. Making sure that the equipment is the right for your needs and will do the job you need it to, is most important. And if you compare different radios, make sure that they are similar with similar features, so you can choose the best product that fits into your budget.

Events: Creating a Fun, Safe Environment for All

Crowd of People

The Spring/Summer travel season is right around the corner and large entertainment venues and events will soon be flooded with happy vacationers and “road-trippers” looking for memorable travel experiences.

Venues such as amusement and water parks, convention centers, sports stadiums, national parks, zoos, concert venues and museums will be preparing for all sorts of large scale events. In order for your event to function properly the management and staff must be able to communicate effectively to deal with unexpected emergencies or incidents and to maximize efficiency on the busiest of days.

A reliable two-way radio system is imperative for an organizations success when working in large areas with big crowds and lots of noise. Different types of venues will require different types of equipment, but overall, here is some useful information to help you provide a fun, safe environment for your attendees.

Most venues are very large and contain lots of obstructions such as concrete and metal walls, machinery, trees, staircases, HVAC rooms, office buildings and large crowds of people. This creates problems when your radio signal is trying to penetrate as you are transmitting or receiving a message. That is why it is best to go with a commercial 4 or 5 watt radio. The more power (watts) you put out guarantees the signal will be stronger, clearer, travel farther and penetrate more of the types of obstructions mentioned above. Maybe you have seen many of the “consumer” type of radios, you know, the ones that are small and come two in a pack for under $100? These are consumer type radios that are not durable enough to be used in business environment and will not work well for large venues and events because they are usually less than 2 watts of power, and because they do not have “private channels” you can expect lots of transmission interference. These “consumer” radios will always be unreliable and not provide you with the level of performance you need for your event. So choosing a fully commercial 4 or 5 watt radio will clearly help your staff provide the best possible experience for your event’s attendees.

Another key factor to using any two-way radio at a large venue or event is the type of frequency you are using. It is well known that VHF (Very High Frequency) is capable of traveling long distances, but the inability of the frequency to penetrate through objects makes it more suited for flat, open areas with no obstructions. Therefore, it is much better to choose radios using UHF (Ultra High Frequency) for large events with many obstacles to penetrate because of UHF’s ability to go through obstructions.

The success of your venue or event depends on how smoothly management and staff are able to communicate when handling daily operations and especially during any issues or emergency situations that may arise. With the amount of vacationers soon to be flooding your venue this season, having a powerful, professional radio will guarantee a safe and fun environment at all your events.