Can You Afford to Wait 30 to 90 Days for Your Motorola Two-Way Radio Repair?

Are you sick and tired of waiting more than thirty days for your dealer to fix your two-way radios?

I happen to think that for businesses where radios provide mission-critical support, having to wait this long for service is an outrage.

Let me explain why this occurs, and what you can do about it.

The problem

Motorola’s dealers are primarily smaller “mom-and-pop shops” that do not have the capacity to hold large inventories. They exist mostly as tiny storefronts, backed up by spiffy-looking websites which make them appear bigger than they actually are. Unfortunately, they are assigned territories by Motorola that they are too small to handle. While some might carry a few spare parts to repair the most popular brands and models, their forte is in selling radios — not servicing them. They cannot do a high volume of bench repairs and tend to do them poorly when they do.

Even Motorola’s largest consolidated dealer in the country has this problem — each rep manages a large territory. So when it comes to getting after-sales support, warranty service, repairs, or a small add-on order? Ha! Good luck and take a number, because they are spread too thin.

While many of these businesses advertise they can service your radios, what they really do is simply ship the products off to the manufacturer itself and let them deal with it.

As you can imagine, each manufacturer gets hundreds, if not thousands, of its radios and accessories to repair in any given month. No matter how many technicians they have, it is going to take a while to get your equipment back.

A better way

The solution is obviously to avoid sending your product back to the manufacturer for repair. This is where dealing with a company like ours has certain advantages.

I like to think of Discount Two-Way Radio as a perfect hybrid of the quick and highly personalized service you get at mom-and-pop shops with the technological prowess to professionally fix any two-way radio like the manufacturers do.

We have:

  • A large complement of well-trained service technicians to get your job done right the first time.
  • No shipping to a factory — we can repair your radios right here so you don’t have to wait forever.
  • Field repairs available — we can go to your plant or office.
  • Fully stocked inventory of parts and accessories to handle most of your service issues right away.
  • Flat rate pricing, which includes free EXPRESS shipping both ways for both paid and warranty service — nobody, and I mean NOBODY, does that in our industry besides us!
  • Ability to fix all major brands including Motorola, RCA, Vertex, Kenwood, Icom, Maxon, Midland, Legacy and more.
  • Warranty on all repairs for your peace of mind.
  • An extremely fast turnaround. We strive to have your two-way radios back so you are up and running WITHIN ONE WEEK (and guarantee 10 days at the latest).

Regarding the last bullet point above: most (not all) of our repairs are completed within five working days.

Call me first

I want a chance to earn your business. Please call me personally at 800-895-5122 before you ship your radios anywhere else for repair, and let me give you my best offer.

Ben Burns

p.s. If you think 30 days is bad, I have heard horror stories about radios taking THREE MONTHS to be returned after being sent it for repair. YIKES!

Summit Cove: Improving the Customer Experience with Two-Way Radios


Ok, so your ski resort or hotel has finally become a winter wonderland and it’s the busiest time of the year for your well trained staff. You’re expecting the guests to come pouring in during the holidays… But, are you prepared to give them the best vacation experience of their lives?

Not if you don’t use two-way radios to help your staff communicate better and stay coordinated.

Summit Cove, a property management company with over 300 properties in Keystone Resort Colorado, decided to switch to BR250 two-way radios because they needed instant communication for their staff to work more efficiently. Peter R., the owner of Summit Cove said, “Originally we were using phones with radio like features that worked on a network, but they were not very reliable.” The staff also realized that, “When they needed an immediate answer from another staff member, pulling up a schedule to determine which members were working, pulling up their phone number, calling and hoping they answer was not really a good option,” said Peter.

The entire Summit Cove staff switched to using RCA radios and equipment. The housekeeping, maintenance and guest services team are all using BR250 radios as well as the check-in and operations teams at both of their local office locations. To have radio coverage over such a large area, Discount Two-Way Radio helped Summit Cove design and set up multiple repeaters to cover their entire service area, allowing for real time communication with their entire operations team. Peter said, “We have recently upgraded to two repeater channels so that our Housekeeping, Maintenance and Ops teams can expedite communication without the interference of cross-talk and we have seen an increase in productivity.” He went on to say that, “We have been able to cut down the amount of time it takes us to respond to customer’s issues to under 5 minutes.” The instant communication that using two-way radios has provided now allows Peter’s staff to cut out the simple but time consuming steps they used to take to contact others for assistance and it has greatly improved how they complete their daily tasks.

The staff at Summit Cove said they were grateful to have two-way radios during a recent power outage. “We had a power outage and the Verizon Wireless tower and our radio repeater towers went out at the same time. We had over 700 guests staying with us at the time and our office phones were down so we switched to our radio to radio channels. We were able to still communicate with another area of the resort that still had internet access and we were able to talk down the road with them to give the information our front desk needed to keep checking guests in. In the hospitality industry our hourly cost of operations gets incredibly expensive if we have to sit and wait for the phones and power to start working again,” said Peter.

Peter R. and his management team have been very happy with the radios they’ve gotten from Discount Two-Way Radio because they’ve helped them provide better service to their rental clients, and served them well during emergency situations. Moreover, Summit Cove has enjoyed the relationship Discount Two-Way Radio has built with them. “Ordering is super easy. When we order new radios as our operation expands, DTWR pre-programs them and we have them in our hands in what seems like the next day or two,” said Peter. He continued on to say, “Their warranty repair work is done fast and returned back to us quickly…DTWR has been a pleasure to work with and extremely easy to communicate with!”

If your resort or hotel is looking to increase your daily efficiency and improve your customer service, give the wireless communication experts at Discount Two-Way Radio a call and they will help you immediately.

After all, happy customers are return customers!

To view Summit Cove’s website, visit this link:

Did You Know…

…there are 5 criteria to consider before buying two-way radios for your school?

School Administrator Contemplating1. Radio Power – One of the main factors that directly affect the radios performance, coverage and price. In almost all cases, Junior to High Schools will need at least 4 watts of power radios to ensure consistent coverage throughout the school. An elementary school on the other side will only need 2 watts of power radios which can results in about $60 savings per radio.

2. Durability and Reliability – Avoid purchasing radios made entirely out of plastic material, especially the ones that can be picked up in pairs from any retail store. These are radios for recreational purposes and will not survive the day to day use in the demanding business environments. They are cheaper one time purchase but you will end up buying new radios every year which will cost more in the long run.

3. Radio Frequencies – Always purchase radios that work on UHF frequencies 450-470MHz. These radios are able to penetrate through structures much better comparing to their VHF versions and will provide you with better coverage.

4. Warranty – The more the better. Nowadays, a good quality business two-way radio will have at least 2 years warranty. Don’t get stuck with equipment and brands that provide less than that. You will most certainly get stuck with the repair bill too as soon the 1 year warranty expires.

5. Price – The Price is always important but the cheapest radio is not necessarily the best option. Choosing radio equipment only by it’s price point in the market may end up costing you more in the long run. Making sure that the equipment is the right for your needs and will do the job you need it to, is most important. And if you compare different radios, make sure that they are similar with similar features, so you can choose the best product that fits into your budget.