Top 10 Holiday Shopper Safety Tips



Discount Two-Way Radio would like you to take care and be safe while holiday shopping. That’s why we’re giving you Top 10 Holiday Shopper Safety Tips:

1) Park as close to your destination as possible in a well-lit area and away from large obstructions.
2) Lock your car and be sure to set car alarm or anti-theft device.

3) Take your keys or personal belongings with you at all times. Have these items safely secured in your purse, zipped-up, and close to your body. If you don’t have a purse, keep these items in your front pockets of your pants or inside of your coat.

4) Hide any bags, gift purchases and dash-mounted GPS in your car out of view. Place your items locked in the trunk, cover them with a coat or blanket, slide them under your chair, or drop them off immediately at home.

5) Plan with your children ahead of time what to do if you get separated, such as teaching them to find a police officer, security guard, or a customer service desk. Another plan is to set up a secured meeting spot just in case you get separated from them.

6) Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Look out for any suspicious activities such as pick-pocketing.

7) Never leave your wallet or purse on store counters or in a shopping cart. Keep these items close to you at all times.

8) When eating lunch or relaxing during shopping, don’t hang your bags over the back of a chair or put them on the floor nearby.

9) If paying with cash, only bring as much as you need and never bring out your entire money stash. It is best to count your money discreetly out of sight from others.

10) Most of all, report anything suspicious to the police or mall security!